Overview - Artificial Christmas Tree - Artificial Christmas Tree 1 Minute Tree Deluxe

  • Top quality
  • ‘1 Minute System’
  • No more unfolding!
  • Natural shape
  • Very detailed
  • Heavy duty PVC tips
  • Now also available with 100 Lamps Connector lighting (not integrated into the tree)
  • Hinged construction
  • Strong storage box
  • Including strong metal foot
  • Clear description
  • Flame retardant
  • For inside and outside usage
  • 8 ft.: 2 x boxes
  • 9 ft.: 2 x boxes
Products: Height: Width: Tips: Price:
1 Minute Tree Deluxe 210 - 16210 - 27 210 cm 119 cm 1555
£ 199,00
1 Minute Tree Deluxe 210 - 16210 - 3x 100 Connector - 27 210 cm 119 cm 1555
£ 251,50
1 Minute Tree Deluxe 270 - 16270 - 27 270 cm 150 cm 2651
£ 399,00
1 Minute Tree Deluxe 270 - 16270 - 5x 100 Connector - 27 270 cm 150 cm 2651
£ 486,50
All prices are incl. 21% VAT. The height of the tree is from the metal foot (bottom) up to the top of the artificial Christmas tree. Tree is incl. metal foot. - Available - 24 hours shopping ! Share this:
60sec 40sec 20sec
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Unique with Royal Christmas is this sensational system, which saves you lots of time and effort. With the 1 Minute tree system of Royal Christmas you never need to unfold a tree again. This tree comes in three or more hinged sections which, when put together, instantly assume the form of a fully shaped Christmas tree, allowing you to begin decorating within five minutes.

The Artificial Christmas Tree 1 Minute Tree Deluxe has heavy-duty PVC tips that require no additional shaping for the life of the tree, and will not crush during storage. It has a strong steel centre pole, and the stainless steel cores in each tip support the heaviest of ornaments. Just connect the different parts, open the hinged branches and your tree is ready! In the demonstration film you can see how fast you can built up this tree. The tree is always packed in a strong storage box, so you can easily pack and store the tree after the holidays. Of course this tree is made off flame retardant material for your safety. On the detail photos beneath you can see how beautifully detailed the branches of this tree are. The 1 Minute tree Deluxe is one of the most exclusive trees of Royal Christmas.

Hinged models Artificial Christmas Trees 3 parts: Bottom, Middle and Top. Branches are hinged to the trunk of the tree. (Umbrella system)
See for yourself how the branch opens itself!

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1 Minute Tree Deluxe 270 - 16270 - 27
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